About Us


Our Background

I am Rene Gordon, mom to 3 amazing boys.

I started my business in 2018 after being retrenched. The idea came after my eldest son was diagnosed with ADD and Aspergers and this was a big contributing factor to him having irregular sleeping patterns. I wanted something that could help him without the use of medication.

I then did extensive research and found that a weighted blanket could help him have a deeper and more restful sleep. I searched to see where this could be found and found that suppliers were based in the USA. I then found someone in SA who manufactures weighted blankets and the prices were astronomically high for my single-mom-budget.

I then did some more research on how to make it myself. After many many failed attempts, I managed to perfect the blanket for him. I noticed how much it helped him and started using it for myself as I suffer from anxiety as well. I then thought there must be so many people out there who would benefit from this product but cannot afford it. I then started making the blankets at an affordable price but without compromising on the quality.

I am so proud of what my little business has achieved in this short time and the change it has brought to so many lives.