Our Story


PrettySpecial is a real heart felt mission born out of the faithfulness and sheer love of Rene Gordon-Carr. I am her husband, Eugiene Carr. We have three boys, aged 15, 7 and 5 years old.

Our eldest son, Ethan was diagnosed with ADD at age 7 and since has also entered the Aspergers spectrum. Our personal experience with his condition has lead us, through prayer, to starting this company.

Rene, in particular has a huge heart for not only making Ethan and our other two boys feel like the most special gifts on earth, but would also like the same for every other child and adult out there with these types of conditions. Our plan is to expose and equip as many people as possible, with all ailments, to Deep Touch Pressure therapy and all the other health benefits our products promote. Also, to spread awareness about weighted blankets throughout Cape Town and the rest of South Africa.

We aim to educate, comfort and treat our customers with not only a beautiful and therapeutic product, but also relief, relaxation, reduced stress, extra special attention and love, which is sewn into each one of our PrettySpecial products.