How do I choose a weighted blanket?

how do I choose


There is a common question about which size and weight to choose when purchasing a weighted blanket. There are generally 2 ways of doing this.

1. You can decide to fit the user’s body size and weight – This is the ideal and most recommended choice as the user will receive the best out of the Deep Touch Pressure therapy.

2. You can decide to fit the bed of the user. This choice will no doubt last longer as the user’s size doesn’t really factor in. The weight would be custom made and there is the added advantage of possibly 2 people sharing on one bed (depending on the size of the blanket).

The disadvantages of this method include :

i) The weight distribution being spread unevenly across 2 people as well as the bed.

ii) The likelihood of the blanket falling off the sides of the bed.


Weighted blankets can weigh anywhere from 2 to 15 kilograms.
The rule of thumb for choosing weight is for it to be 10 – 12 percent of the user’s body weight, plus another kilogram or 2.

So for an 30kg child, the blanket should weigh between 3 and 5kgs.

For a 70kg adult, you would need a 7 to 9kg blanket.

Whilst looking at our sizes, please note that the size of the blanket should ideally fit the user and not the bed, as mentioned above.
The more pressure there is on the user directly, the better results can be achieved as the pressure is concentrated on the body, making full use of the Deep Touch Pressure principle.
The more “extra” blanket there is, the more chance there is of unevenly distributed weight off the body and a greater chance of the blanket falling off the sides of the bed.

PrettySpecial weighted blankets have standard sizes – Toddler, Child, Adult and Extra Large.
These sizes vary between 80 – 200cm and weights vary from 3 – 9kgs. Most people fall within these parameters, however we do make custom blankets and carefully work on the weight of the user in order for the user to get the very best PrettySpecial HUG or Deep Touch Pressure therapy.

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