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I received excellent and friendly service from Pretty Special! Ordered a weighted blanket last year, just two weeks before Christmas, and received it sooner than the expected date. Love the product. Highly recommended.

– Reshma Govind

Hi Rene and Eugiene,

I hope you are well.

I want to thank you for the wonderful blanket that we bought from you.  My daughter loves it and it has made a significant difference to her sleeping.

Many thanks,

– Catherine

Been using this Recovery blanket for the last few weeks.

It’s been really good post-running, post-footy, post-gym and feels like a constant massage.

So to all my athletic (and also affectionate) types, checkout PrettySpecial Weighted Blankets & Things. Some really cool and practical products to make us feel better!

– Chad Saaiman

Chad Saaiman blanket

From three comforters to just one weighted blanket. 

Thank you PrettySpecial Weighted Blankets & Things, wow this is awesome and she’s already found use for her other blankies.


– Terrilee Ferreira

Terrilee image 1
Terrilee image 2

Thank you so much PrettySpecial. I love my hugger  

– Karen Donachie

My husband was recently gifted one of your weighted blankets and is really happy with it. He has been sleeping better and waking less at night. I will soon have to purchase more as the kids and I have all tried it and now do not want to return it to him as we have also felt the benefits ☺️ Thank you for sharing this and I hope more people are able to experience the advantages of the weighted blanket.


– Liesle Clement

Good morning.. So I received my weighted blanket a few days ago and I had a few challenges, getting familiar with the weight and also how to properly wrap it around my body. All these challenges have paid off. I am now experiencing a natural induced sleep and I feel more calm going to bed… I am thankful and blessed for having discovered the weighted blanket, it comes with great relief. Many thanks to Eugiene for all his patience and kindness. I would recommend their product to anyone.


– Suaad Felix

Hi Eugiene

We confirm receipt of the blanket and would like to thank you for your swift production and delivery.

We are extremely happy with the product.




-Tracey Williams : Glen Bridge Special School & Resource Centre

I received my weighted blanket at the toughest time of my life. It’s become my comfort, it calms me. While having a panic attack, I’m unaware of what goes on around me. As soon as I feel the blanket being wrapped over my shoulders, it’s almost as comforting as when one of my parents wrap their arms around me.


-Chad Chitter

Hi there

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your personal and amazing service!

The blanket is beautiful and I’m really hoping it will help my little boy sleep better : )

– he fell asleep much quicker last night with it and he slept in his own bed for a lot longer than usual haha!

We were quite chuffed. I’m hoping he gets more and more comfortable with it!

Have a lovely day

– Joanne

Love my blanket. Gently forces my body and mind to let go of the day and sleep. Sink into my bed and disappear without constantly waking up during the night.

– Carolyn Hutton

I am so super happy thank you so much

My son battles with anxiety so I really want him to try it out and see if it helps. He loves it already

– Kelly Jennings

Kelly Jennings 1

Good morning Pretty Special Team

I hope you have enjoyed a lovely weekend!

I just wanted to send you a special note of thanks… I received the weighted blanket that I ordered last week and must admit I have been very impressed by your customer service, quick turnaround and workmanship. The blanket is beautiful and the birthday girl loved it! I now have a number of friends and loved ones who also want one for their upcoming birthdays :)

Have a blessed week!

Kind regards

I want to thank you for my delivery yesterday. It is fantastic and I am not lying when I say I slept through the night for the first time in a long time. Thank you for your excellent service and wonderful product.

Kind regards


I ordered a weighted blanket for my 4 year old grandson that lives with us. He found it hard to fall asleep and when he does it’s a restless one. Gnashing of teeth, talking etc. With his blanket, end of everything!!! His behaviour, attitude and attention in class has all improved within days after using his blanket. Thank you!!! It’s been a blessing!! God bless for more successful stories.


Ina Hendikse



Denise Glezer-Jones

I would like to thank the team of Prettyspecial for the amazing service! 

They catered for my needs and made the perfect blanket!! Its not just the make of the blanket ,from deciding on the materials to the end product they keep you up to date and go way out of there way to help!  I wish the business the best for the future. I will definitely buy from them again and would gladly refer anyone to buy from them. The product is amazing  and will last a life time. Thank you for the service the help and all.! All the best!

Francois Beyers

Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket. It has just arrived. My son is super happy. The quality is fantastic and material is lovely and soft. 

Thanks again. 


Chane Grix

Review - Chane Grix

Many thanks for the blanket.

Awesome service!


Hi Eugiene and Rene,


 I just wanted to pop you a quick email to let you know that the blanket arrived today.

A big thank you as your service was excellent and it arrived waaaaay quicker than expected. :)

Thanks so much!


Kind regards,

Hi Rene,

I just want to say WOW!!!! I am so impressed with everything – your service, the quick turnaround, the quality of the blanket, thank you a million times over!

My daughter is 8 but has a growth hormone deficiency, and is really short due to that. (She also has a number of learning disorders and sensory processing issues). I went with your sizing guide and bought the toddler blanket and it is exactly the right size for her. 

She loves it so much and has named it Hugger. :)

I’m just waiting for her to get back from school, then I’ll snap a pic and post to your facebook page. I will definitely be recommending your services! 

Many thanks,

Please see below, this is Jessie. She absolutely LOVES her blanket and wants to take it everywhere! Thanks so much!!!


Thank you Prettyspecial for blessing Alwyn with a super soft, very beautiful weighted blanket. Alwyn has autism but is doing so well. But like a lot of kids he struggles with anxiety. Tonight after his bedtime routine when I covered him with his new “magical” blankey he said: “that is so much better mom”. Thank you, for making my Alwyn’s night so much better.

Bernadette Brand