5 Reasons why everyone should have a Weighted Blanket

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Weighted blankets provide deep touch pressure or DTP. DTP is about gently applying pressure to the body to increase the release of serotonin, a chemical in the body that promotes relaxation.The pressure from the weight causes the body to produce serotonin and endorphins, chemicals our bodies naturally use to feel relaxed or calm.



Heavy blankets are mostly used for those with autism or sensory processing disorder, but more and more often they are being used for those with sleeping disorders, like insomnia or restless leg syndrome, as well as people who simply would like to improve their sleep overall.

The soothing effect of a weighted blanket can create a more comfortable environment for falling asleep by imitating the feeling of being swaddled tightly in bed. This close physical connection provides a sense of warmth and safety, making it easier for the body to relax.

A Study from Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders (2015) found that a weighted blanket helped those with insomnia sleep better, simply because it helped them feel more settled before bed.



A weighted blanket is a safe way to lower your stress level and help you reach a relaxed state.

The “relaxed state” results from serotonin production, which is necessary to release melatonin — the sleep hormone, which helps determine when we go to sleep and wake up based on our circadian rhythm.

This means it’ll be faster to fall asleep, reduce anxiety, go into deeper sleep, and move less throughout the night.



Heavy blankets trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that slows down your heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and promotes feelings of relaxation.

By applying Deep Touch Pressure to the body to increase the release of serotonin, this in turn relaxes the nervous system and then causes a chain reaction in the body that releases an overall sense of calm and peace. Benefits include reduced pain, better sleep, improved focus, lower anxiety levels, and improved social interaction. 



Weighted blankets have a long history of use in a type of occupational therapy called Sensory Integration therapy. This treatment is used to help people with autism and other disorders to focus on sensory experiences which experts say may boost these individuals’ ability to regulate their emotions and behaviour. Weighted blankets are one tool therapists use to provide “deep-touch pressure.”

Deep-Touch pressure helps to calm that arousal level in the system and to help with self-regulation.

It also has been proven to assist with general anxiety, repetitive and obsessive-compulsive behaviors; oppositional and aggressive  behaviors; sleep related difficulties; depression and autism spectrum conditions.

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Can a weighted blanket help with PTSD?


Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD occurs immediately or months after experiencing a traumatic event. It may even show up many years later. Fear, anxiety and emotional stress give rise to sleep disturbances which can negatively affect your work and family life.

Those who have PTSD experience flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, emotional numbness and distress, they are easily angered and feel jumpy and alert all of the time.

According to  it’s important to understand that PTSD is considered to be a psychological injury rather than a mental illness.

Neuroanatomical studies have identified changes in major brain structures of those with PTSD — the amygdala and hippocampus – showing that there are significant physical changes within the brain as a result of trauma.

These brain changes from PTSD, particularly if not diagnosed yet, can make life seem very confusing, and understanding your own mind can become almost impossible.


As the PTSD Journal reports, using a weighted blanket not only helps with PTSD and anxiety, but also stress, insomnia and many other conditions. This is crucial for those who may find themselves experiencing over-tiredness, hyper vigilance and raised cortisol levels at bedtime.


Relaxation techniques, prescription medication and group therapy are typical treatments for PTSD, but using a PrettySpecial weighted blanket can assist with a natural way to curb mood swings and restore your sleep.

The weighted blanket molds to your body like a nice, warm hug. The Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) also helps relax the nervous system and is an effective non-drug therapy alternative.  Equivalent to the benefits of a massage, the pressure applied to the body encourages the natural production of serotonin.

Psychiatric, trauma, geriatric, and paediatric hospital units use weighted blankets to calm a patient’s anxiety and promote deep, restful sleep. Crescent Clinic in Cape Town has been actively using our weighted blankets as a means to calm patients while doing group or one on one therapy.


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Why Weighted Blankets are perfect for Athletic Recovery



When working out in the gym, running a marathon or doing any sport where you’re pushing yourself to the limit, you need to replenish your body’s resources – and that includes rest. Weighted blankets are proven to improve sleep and fight insomnia, and good sleep can speed up athletic recovery by allowing the body to rest more fully, allowing the muscles to completely relax, restore and revitalise themselves. 


How Do Weighted Blankets Speed Up Recovery?

Weighted blankets work by providing firm, Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, or DTP. According to the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology  “Deep touch pressure is the type of surface pressure that is exerted in most types of firm touching, holding, stroking, petting of animals, or swaddling.”

The weighted filling inside the blanket produces a stroking, soothing tactile sensation when you move. Like a hug, it stimulates the release of serotonin and melatonin, decreasing anxiety and ultimately leading to deeper sleep. Dr. Temple Grandin, PhD, who lives with autism spectrum disorder, was one of the first to point out the benefits of deep-touch pressure provided by weighted blankets to help relax overstressed nervous systems.


The PrettySpecial Weighted Recovery Blanket weighs around 5.5kg and is the size of our Toddler blanket – 80cm x 120cm. So it’s perfect to use when you’ve just finished a long run or won that gruelling rugby match. It’s just the right size and weight to wrap around your legs or shoulders. It’s also not too heavy or too large to carry with you and can be easily rolled up and put in your gym bag.


This message came from an avid runner who frequently runs marathons:

“ I can say for sure that after a long run, having that weight on your legs feels awesome, it’s like a constant massage.”

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