Weighted Wraps


The Benefits of Weighted Wraps for Cancer Anxiety

Patients living with cancer are prone to the stress and anxiety of testing, being diagnosed, going through treatment, and wondering if it will come back. Some people who experience anxiety may not find relief through medication alone, thus other methods of managing anxiety, such as the use of a weighted blanket, can help.

A weighted blanket can provide a consistent comfort during treatment and recovery by being a familiar object and something that not only keeps the patient warm but comforted as well. Weighted blankets are increasing in popularity in their use with cancer patients to help ease the challenging aspects of treatment, as well as their anxiety during treatment.

Like a hug, a weighted blanket provides deep pressure to help the body naturally release all those “feel good” hormones. You instantly feel calm and secure.


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The Pricing

Weighted Wrap
Size 80 x 120cm
Weight 4.5kg
Standard Price R550
Luxury Price R750

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