Weighted blankets for Bipolar Disorder



Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental illness that displays extreme high and low moods. Changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behaviour are also evident. 

Bipolar Disorder is often clouded with misconception as symptoms can rapidly shift from one extreme to the other.  Severe mood swings are the most noticeable symptoms of the disorder which can disrupt the daily functioning of a person or family.

When in a manic state, the person displays restlessness, impulsiveness, confusion, and angers quickly, while the change to a depressive state leaves the person feeling saddened, fatigued, unfocused, and unable to sleep. Causes for bipolar disorder are often genetic, but are also attributed to an imbalance in brain chemistry or stress from traumatic events.

The long-term effects can be maintained with antidepressant medication and psychotherapy.

Although it’s not a definite cure, psychotherapy teaches the person experiencing the disorder to recognise when he or she is having an episode of manic or depressive feelings in order to seek appropriate treatment.

How a weighted blanket can help

The way in which weighted blankets, and weighted therapy in general can help, is similar to the way it helps with depression and anxietyIt has been found that due to the nature of the disorder, weighted blankets may be most appropriate and effective as a sleep aide. Supplementing prescription medication with a PrettySpecial weighted blanket can calm the user with deep touch pressure stimulation, or DTP. The pressure from the weighted blanket relieves muscle tension just as a massage might and also has a calming, reassuring sensation – just like a nice, warm hug from a loved one.

There are ongoing clinical trials on the relationship between clinical depression and bipolar disorder, as well as the role serotonin plays in treating these disorders.

Deep touch pressure triggers the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which are the two major feel-good hormones for your brain. Both these beneficial compounds can combat stress, depression, and anxiety, giving you an emotional pick-me-up after a good night’s rest.

Improvement in the quality of sleep can also increase the potential for other forms of treatment and increase the management of symptoms overall.

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