Weighted Blankets for the Classroom and School



A weighted blanket is kept in the classroom as a means of support for children who sometimes need to calm themselves after playtime or if they have anxiety or stress at any period during the day.

A child would return to their classroom after break time or P.E class for example, after being engaged in high energy activities for a prolonged period of time. The child might find it difficult to transition back to a quieter moment to get back to their class work.

This is very common in many children where it takes very long for them to settle down again.

This is where the weighted blanket comes into use. The child can go to a quiet part of the classroom and use it to sit or lay down with as a wrap, until they feel able to continue with a quieter pace of activities. 


In a similar way weighted lap pads can be an amazing sensory tool or toy to help improve your child’s attention, focus, or ability to calm down and relax. They can also improve your child’s body awareness and prevents sensory meltdowns, tantrums and aggression.

Read more about about the function of a lap pad in the classroom here




Back to School for Autism, ADHD, and Other Challenges

Back-to-school can be a challenging time for children and families who live with autism or other conditions such as ADHD, that can make the school experience a lot more difficult than it already is.

Using a weighted blanket in the classroom to provide extra support can make all the difference to how a child experiences this important part of their day.

Weighted lap pads and blankets are sensory tools that promote regulation, calming, and refocusing. When used in combination with a sensory diet plan, these tools are wonderful classroom additions to help children with seated posture and seated attention.

Preschool teachers especially find lap pads and weighted blanket most helpful in keeping little bodies in seated positions on the carpet for story time.


People who benefit from Deep Touch Pressure include those diagnosed with (but not limited to):

* Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

* Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

* Psychiatric disorders  (mood disorder, depression, anxiety, dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder)

* Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).


The benefits of weighted therapy far outweigh the conditions above. Many schools are using it as a tool to help all children cope with the activities of a full school day, and at PrettySpecial, we have sold weighted blankets and lap pads to a number of schools around South Africa, including H. Moross Adolescent School in Sandton and Canaan Care Centre in East London.


We do offer special rates for schools, so for more information on this or if you wish to purchase one for your child to get them geared up for 2020, please contact us via our order page or simply email us at info@prettyspecial.co.za