Hot & Cold therapeutic shoulder wraps

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Inevitably at some point you or someone you know has had to use a heating pad or ice pack to help with some aches and pains. 
Hot and cold therapy has been used for hundreds of years to help combat muscle aches and pains associated with surgeries, injuries, PMS, and even tension headaches. For years the most popular solution was electric heating pads and chemical filled ice packs.


However, a more natural solution is available, using a therapeutic rice bag or hot & cold  shoulder wrap. 
Whether you need hot or cold therapy, the shoulder wrap can provide you with all the therapeutic benefits you need, without the electricity or chemicals and can be placed on any area of the body, not just the shoulders.

The PrettySpecial shoulder wrap also gives you the opportunity to add essential oils to your rice for even more therapeutic benefit. 
We offer a lavender scented shoulder wrap (the lavender oil is already added inside)
Or you can choose to order the hot & cold shoulder wrap without it and add your own essential oils. There are a variety of essentials oils that can help with many of your aches and pains.

See the therapeutic advantages of lavender oil here.

Our hot & cold therapeutic shoulder wraps are easy to use:
Simply heat it up in the microwave and place the wrap on the area of concern. The duration you warm it up for is up to you, just be careful not to over heat. We have found that 2-3 minutes of heating will give you approximately 30 minutes of heated therapy. 

Want to do ice therapy instead?  No problem, place your shoulder wrap in the freezer for at least an hour then place on your area of concern. 
You should receive about 20 minutes of cooled therapy.

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